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Hearing aids


Choosing good hearing instruments that meet all your needs is not easy. There are hearing aids in all kinds, sizes and qualities.


JewelEar’s hearing care professional can assist you in choosing the right hearing aid.

Many aspects are covered in the choice:

• the hearing loss

• your personal living conditions

• your wishes

• wearing comfort

• design

• and of course the costs

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Choice of hearing aid


We take all these aspects carefully with you. With the help of the latest equipment, we adapt the device as well as possible and you can try it free of charge.


We supply various brands and types of hearing instruments in different price categories. We can inform you about the hearing aid reimbursements of the health insurers.

Did you know that there are waterproof hearing aids nowadays?


You can contact us to have your hearing aids checked and cleaned. Accessories such as batteries and cleaning kits can also be obtained from us

New: the EVOKE by Widex

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All brands of hearing aids


JewelEar is an independent hearing care professional. This makes it possible to supply all hearing aids. You will also find the latest hearing aids at JewelEar.

All types of hearing aids


The hearing instrument of today is small and modern in design. There are hearing aids that are worn behind the ear, hearing aids that go into the ear and hearing aids that go all the way in the ear. Together with the expert JewelEar, you can view what is desirable and feasible in your situation, so that you are assured of the best hearing aids for you personally.

what's the best hearing aid

Behind, in or deep in the ear


JewelEar supplies different types of hearing aids.


Behind the ear: this type of hearing aid is worn behind the hearing aid and is perhaps the best known type. They offer great wearing comfort combined with all the possibilities of modern hearing aids. The modern behind-the-ear hearing aids are small and unobtrusive.


In the ear: hearing aids that are literally worn in the ear. Especially for people who have problems with carrying devices behind the ear a solution.


Deep in the ear: the latest type of hearing aid that is worn deep in the ear. That is actually the optimal position for hearing aids and especially suitable for people who have an active way of life.

High End hearing aids


JewelEar has a large assortment of high-end hearing aids from all well-known and renowned manufacturers.


Very special are the hearing aids of Phonak, especially the Lyric: hearing aid that is invisible. JewelEar is exclusive supplier of these hearing aids. With the Lyric you really have something unique and exceptional!

Some brands of hearing aids that we carry:

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