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all types and sorts

JewelEar supplies all types and brands of hearing aids. The JewelEar hearing care professional advises you and you decide which device it will be.

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Be careful with your ears

Protect your hearing. JewelEar has a wide range of hearing protection and in-ear systems. Universal or customized.

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Be sure about your hearing

The hearing is reduced unnoticed. Are you also someone who would rather not know this? Or do you choose for certainty whether or not you are right?

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Oticon MORE

JewelEar is the first supplier of the Oticon MORE, the latest hearing aid with a completely new concept. Experience the benefits of BrainHearing technology by Oticon!

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is happy to be of service! You can contact us with your questions about hearing, hearing impairment, hearing protection, tinnitus and sleep and swim caps. You can come to us, call or email us.

Send your question here via e-mail or contact form.

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Phonak Lyric

JewelEar is supplier of the Phonak Lyric, the only hearing aid that is completely invisible. Experience the benefits of a unique hearing experience yourself!


Hearing test

A good hearing test is done in a special cabin. You can contact JewelEar for that. You can do a simple hearing test online at home, so that you know a bit about your hearing.

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Hearing aids

Good hearing aids return life to the hearing impaired. JewelEar has a wide selection of premium brands.

Hearing aids

Second opinion

Are you unsure whether you have the right hearing aids, or are they not set up properly in your opinion? The JewelEar hearing care professional can advise you.

Second opinion

Swimming caps & sleeping caps

Do you or your child suffer from the ears when they swim or should the ears not get wet? Is sleeping a problem because of ambient noise or snoring? JewelEar offers all types of swimming and sleeping caps, both universal and customized.

Swimming caps

TV amplification

If the sound is too loud for one person, it may be too soft for the other person. Individual TV reinforcement such as Sennheiser's can be a godsend. Ask for the possibilities: this is often reimbursed by the health insurer.

TV amplification

Hearing protection & in-ear systems

Hearing protection can be a godsend or even mandatory in environments with a lot of noise. JewelEar has universal hearing protection and custom-made. Also in-earsystems for the musician, security guard or motorcyclist can be delivered.

Hearing protection & in-ear systems

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JewelEar premium dealer Widex hoortoestellen

New hearing aid Widex


Widex has a new special hearing aid, the EVOKE. This new hearing aid works with artificial intelligence. JewelEar is a premium dealer of the Widex EVOKE. Come and experience the unique sound!

JewelEar is an independent hearing aid specialist.

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Team JewelEar

The expert team of StAr and triage hearing care professionals from JewelEar are at your service.

JewelEar is the hearing care professional who listens to you. You can visit JewelEar’s hearing care professional to test your hearing and get advice on the best hearing solution and hearing protection. The hearing specialist of JewelEar takes time for you, you are really helped.


JewelEar supplies all brands of hearing aids, including the best brands. You are not more expensive, but have the best quality. You can contact JewelEar for questions about hearing, hearing problems, hearing impairment, hearing protection, in-ear monitors, swimming caps, tinnitus and much more.


JewelEar has agreements with all Dutch health insurers: when you are insured at a Dutch health insurer, you can contact JewelEar.


You will hear again!

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